My name is Jim Thomas and welcome to the Fitness Management update. Our topic today is key steps for the gym turnaround, part 3 of 3. Now, if you’ve not seen 1 and 2, make sure you go back and listen to those and I would even suggest you listen to them several times.

The key thing to this turnaround, take action now. If you even remotely think you have a problem, take action now. The amount of time and effort and money you’d put into it now, it pales. It’s insignificant to what this is going to cost you later if you elect to wait. So take action. That’s the key. Don’t wait on this. Get information now. Don’t put it off. Don’t hope and wish that things are going to change. You’re going to have to have a plan in place.

So part three, number one is you want to manage the process. Let people know what needs to be done and why. Then follow-up and train, train, train, so you must have a sales process, a closing process, a follow-up process, a marketing process, a training process, how you’re going to do it. It needs to be proven. This is not guess work. If you need that trusted adviser, if you need that trusted partner so to speak, get them. Get help. You would get help with anything else you needed of this magnitude. Don’t try to go it alone here. So manage that process. People need to know what needs to be done, they need to know why and then you must follow-up. As that old adage goes, inspect what you expect.

Next, know your numbers. Don’t let this process of change distract you from the need to manage your gym. Track everything that is done in your gym just like you normally would or hopefully you have been in the past but if not, you have to do it now. You must know your numbers. How many leads are you collecting a day? How many outbound calls are you making? How many appointments are you getting? What’s your show percentage? What’s your closing percentage? How many referrals are you getting? How many leads are you bringing in every day? What’s your guest traffic? You must know all these key performance indicators. What’s your member attrition? All of this. You need to know those as well as you know your own name and the easiest way to do that is you look at it every day, have a quick meeting every day, go over those numbers and then what can you do to improve upon it.

Next, you want to manage with what I would call a cautious optimism. You know that there’s going to be risk moving forward and be prepared to deal with them. There are many elements that can stall your turnaround process. Make a list of these potential setbacks and then have a plan if this were to happen. What if you lost your key person? Don’t wait until it happens. What’s your plan? Well, what is your recruiting strategy? What is your hiring strategy? What is your training strategy? Whereas if you lost somebody, can you immediately get that taken care of? You don’t want to find yourself simply filling a slot. What if new competition comes in? You’re in the middle of this thing, a new competition comes in. What’s the plan? Or better yet, what’s the plan to keep them out? What is your strategy going to be for that? What if there’s an economic downturn? What if there’s world events that affect your business? What is that plan? And it can’t just simply say, “Well, hey, everyone goes through it. We’re just one of them.” You need to think this through. You need to have a plan.

And then finally in part 3 of 3, keep your foot on the accelerator. Don’t let up ever. Don’t take success for granted. It’s hard work. Is what I’m doing right now going to result in a sale? You have to be pushing and avoid obscurity. Your goal should be everybody in your community. Whatever that radius is that you pull from 3 miles, 4 miles, 5 miles or longer, your focus needs to be you want every single person to know who you are and what you do. Be on the lookout for success apathy not only in yourself but also in your staff and how we define success apathy, just because we’ve had success in the past don’t mean we’re going to have it in the future. That discipline that gets you where you want to go, that same discipline is going to keep you there. You must maintain what we refer to as sales discipline. Do not let up ever. Don’t take success for granted. It’s hard work. Stay at it but the rewards are going to be tremendous for you.

Now, if you need help, call us right now, 800-929-2898. You can email me, We can help you get back on track. The key thing here is don’t wait. The biggest mistake we see, people wait too long. Take action today.

My name is Jim Thomas and this has been the Fitness Management update.