For decades, dieting and fitness have been considered trends.  But how long does something have to be trendy before it becomes a cultural staple?  With advances in science and research, people are as knowledgeable as ever about the benefits of a healthy lifestyle coupled with exercise.  Today, healthy living isn’t a fad.  It’s a lifestyle.

With the growing popularity of a healthy lifestyle that includes fitness, the fitness industry has grown exponentially.  The fitness industry is valued at close to $25 billion and counting.  For fitness club owners, this is great news!  How does one set themselves apart in the market and tap into maximum profitability?  With the advent of mobile apps, social media, and other technology mediums, there are tons of fitness club marketing ideas that can set you apart from the competition. Below are just a few, of many, effective ways to market your gym.

Co-Market with Healthcare Providers – Most people want to work out at facilities in their communities, where the commute is quicker and convenient.  Partnering with other businesses in the community where your fitness club is located is a great way to market your club.  A local clinic or doctor’s office is a great place to start.  Print flyers that advertise a special promotion your club is running, and then partner with a local health clinic to display the flyers in their office.  Your club can also partner with a local clinic to host a day of free health screenings, held at your club of course!

Social Media – Social media is arguably the best and most effective way to market your business today.  The average potential customer today may not even consider a business as legitimate if it lacks an online presence, including social media.  Social media provides an online presence, solidifies your legitimacy, and is free advertising!  Social media also affords you the opportunity to build an online community where it’s extremely easy to engage and communicate with customers and potential customers.

Corporate Partnership – Partnering with a business is a great way to market your gym.  Healthier employees have lower medical expenses and are more productive, so businesses often offer insurance rate discounts to employees who join fitness clubs.  A good way to partner with a business is to offer a corporate plan where employees are encouraged by employers to sign up.  The employee benefits by getting a discounted rate on their insurance and gym membership.  The employer benefits by ultimately getting healthier, happier employees.  And your gym benefits by increasing membership and word-of-mouth advertising from employees who join.

The fitness industry is a billion dollar industry that is steadily increasing.  If you are a gym owner, or potential owner, there are many ways to effectively market your gym and tap into profitability of your industry. For more information, contact us.